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Wed – Fri,  12 – 6
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Ca dela Carmèla
6562 Soazza/GR

by appointment only

I offer neither classes
nor internship!


Studio Winter Exhibition
Dec 9 – Dec 22
First day: Sunday, December 9th: 12-5
with presentation of the new collection
‚treasures by

Fashion Week, MILANO, 2019
February 19 – 26, 2019

Solo Exhibition in TOKYO, 2019
March 16th – April 9th 2019
Opening March 16th

Projects ‚TOGETHER‘ (Selection)
October 2018: Coup de foudre – Porcelain bowls in collaboration with annemarie fischer
September 2018: A party of twelve – private order edition ‚black beauty‘
August 2018: Ahista Tea – India: Tea bowls for a new tea brand in Gujarat/India

July/August 2018: Ginger for you – an installation with leopold isidor
June 2018: Black and white porcelain – sets for The give store, Hollywood
May 2018: White porcelain – tea bowls and bowls for HOSTEM, London

April 2018: Matte white stoneware bowls for a private household in Zurich
March 2018: Black porcelain – tableware for mxprivé, Berlin
February 2018: Dishes for YUMI, Switzerland
January 2018: Stoneware pots for Brewin Design Office, Singapore

December 2017: Porcelain edition for HRK
November 2017: Selection of coffeecups for 90SQM
September 2017: Series of vases for the photoexhibition with Manuel Ritter
June 2017: Tableware for foodphotographer Giulia Marthaler
May 2017: Plates for chef Valention Cairati
April 2017: Pots and plants with Leopold Isidor

Here for more photos

Ideales Heim
July/August 2018
Meter Magazin

Ronnie Watt
Ceramics Southern Africa/09/17-spring
Das Beste aus Zürichs Läden
Tages Anzeiger Zurich/Züritipp 11/17

Exhibitons (Selection)
2011 Hotel Greulich CH-Zürich
2013 Museum Rietberg CHZürich
2014 Museum Rietberg CH-Zürich
2014 Eunique D-Karlsruhe
2015 Neue Räume CH-Oerlikon
2017, U11, Hongkong

MY WORK – The main focus of my work in porcelain and stoneware is the visual search for simplicity, serenity and beauty. Before I started my education as a ceramic artist, I built a solid background in Architecture, Art History and Philosophy and made then the bridge to craft. I am a quality worker not a quantity one: So please understand that my work needs its time, sometimes a lot.

My porcelain work is often without any glaze – I sand the surface fine and matte. My stoneware work is often coated with a small palette wonderful glazes as celadons or dark iron ones.

THE THREAD – Many people ask about the meaning of the thread. Ronnie Watt, art historian, living in Canada, wrote the following (s. press): ….‚A signature decorative element which she (me) regularly applies is a length of red cotton thread which is looped through a fine hole and over the rim. The red thread is a reference to the German expression ‚der rote Faden des Erzählens‘ which can be translated as ‚following your destiny‘. With this leitmotiv, explains Ritsch, she ‚brings things together‘ and that ‚my works are different, but the red thread holds them together‘. At the same time it ’stitches‘ her works to her personal life experiences and philosophy. As a powerful albeit fragile decorative element, the thread is a visual and intellectual accent for a work but is simultaneously integral to that form because it is anchored in it. It is also a statement that the work was hand-crafted.

MY WAY – Born in Switzerland: I started my work as an independent ceramic artist in 1998.

2001-2006: Apprenticeship for ceramist (wheelthrowing)
1989-1995: Course of studies at the University of Zurich . Art History/German Philology/Philosophy (today M.A.)
1987-1989: Basic studies at ETH Zurich . Architecture Department (today B.A.)

THE STUDIO with SHOWROOM in Zurich is a lovely bright space near to the Kunsthaus Zurich.

In my showroom you will always find a fine selection of my work: Please pass by to feel the surfaces of my works and to hold them in your hands. I create my works in the heart of Zurich and all is made by my hands, I only have a potter wheel and a kiln – nothing else.

Every step of my ceramic work is made in my urban studio and this hand made process is evident in every piece.All pieces are unique: If you love this exclusive kind of work, you are in the right place in my workshop.

THE STUDIO in the heart of Soazza is an old stone house from the 16th century with various fascinating rooms: It was once the home for two Capuchin monks and you still feel and breathe the spirit.

Soazza is a wonderful and original village, probably the most beautiful one in the South of Grisons: Surrounded by woods and mountains and spoiled with a fantastic southern climate – exactly what I need for my inspiration. Reading, thinking, sketching and creating prototypes is what I am doing there.

There is are also space for guests, exhibitions and more.


swissceramics – Swiss Ceramics Association
Schweizerisch-Japanische Gesellschaft
Österreichisch-Schweizerische Kulturgesellschaft
Denkmalpflege Schweiz
Robert Walser Gesellschaft

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