Tea bowls for India

Tea bowls for India

My ceramic in India! In August I sent sixteen tea bowls to Gujarat to ‘Ahista Tea’: Pioneering a new wave in luxury teas and ceramics.

Both photos by ahistatea, India – thank you!

My beauties in India – here a white porcelain one with a golden thread for @ahistatea! I feel honored that a fine selection of my tea bowls in porcelain and stoneware are part of the ahistatea collection: Thank you @ahistatea it was a pleasure to work with you! @ahistatea ・・・ Our ceramic collection possesses an elevated status and revered for its connotations of simplicity and sophistication. Being a unique decorative element, many of our precious tea-bowls come adorned with a delicate golden thread in the foot – a sign of grandeur, prestige, and prosperity. In collaboration with the talented @helga_ritsch_ceramics

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